He studied (1) Base am / is / are

My attention that many Arabs English speakers make mistakes between helping verbs Am - Is - Are so I wanted to explain it in a simple to be mastered. 

Explanation will be divided into three sections:

   Section I: When we use Am - is - are

  Section II: Why do we use Am - is - are

  Section III: Examples of uses Am - is - are in a few sentences.

Section I: When we use Am - is - are?Assistant uses all done in 4 cases : ( Single speaker conscience - the conscience absent Single - the conscience of the speaker and the collection is absent - and the addressee to collect and Single )

I                                           am
he / she / it                             is
We / they / you                       are

We use am in the case of the speaker singular pronoun (meaning if you want to talk about yourself )
Use is absent in the case of singular pronoun for sane and sensible he / she is . (Meaning you want to talk about someone else for proposal under rule you)
We use are in the event of a combination in the conscience of the speaker and the absent (meaning if you speak about yourself and a group of people according to the word "we" or talk about a group of people more to Aatkelmon with you " Halal " ) and the addressee use are in the case of combined and singular (ie, if you speak with someone talking to you "You - you " )

Examples of each of the four cases:

     I am smart (I'm smart) conscience of a single speaker
     He / she is smart (he is intelligent or smart) conscience absent sane
      It is a cat (the cat) is absent conscience is sane
     You are smart (clever you) conscience of the addressee Single
     You are students (you students) conscience of the addressee to collect
     We are smart (we are smart) conscience speaker collection
     They are smarts (Halal smart) conscience absent collection sane
     They are cats (cats Halal) conscience absent collection is sane
     In the case of exile in the sense that if you want to add denies ăÚáćăĺ we not after the verb am / is / are for example:
     they are not crazy Haala are not crazy.
     he is not smart is not intelligent.
     I am not player I'm not a player.

Section II: Why do we use the am / is / are

am / is / are the acts of help come shop act if the act was absent, to take the example in the am to simplify the information:
So back to the question again why we use the verb am / is / are in a sentence?

If we assume that you are going to say I Couched, the name is and I Couched is such, we note that there is no inter Couched I did, so in the English language should be used to do but missed use the auxiliary verb am / is / are an alternative to him. We say I am, happy I Couched.

Section III : Examples of uses of am / is / are in a few sentences 

Sentences am:

I am happy I am happy

I am Saudi, I Saudi

I am smart I am intelligent

I am cold I Bardan

I am hungry I am hungry
Sentences is:

   He is handsome is beautiful

she is beutifull is beautiful

it is table this table

he is thirsty is thirsty

  E she is 20 years old 20 years old
Sentences are:

  they are students Students Haala

they are dogs dogs Haala

we are players we Players

you are smart you are intelligent

  you are teachers you Teachers

If the notes in the preceding sentences do not have any reaction to that and we am / is / are an alternative to replace the act.

In conclusion, I wish to be successful in explaining the lesson, and I hope that you will be benefited if got any deficiencies in the minus Volthompsmkm Sorry ..

Wait lessons coming,

Long form
Short form
I am
I am late.
I am not late.
Am I late?
You are
You are clever.
You are not (aren't) clever.
Are you clever?
He is
He is happy.
He is not (isn't) happy.
Is he happy?
She is
She is hungry.
She is not (isn't) hungry.
Is she hungry?
It is
It is cold.
It is not (isn't) cold.
Is it cold?

We are
We are late.
We are not (aren't) late.
Are we late?
You are
You are sleepy.
You are not (aren't) sleepy.
Are you sleepy?
They are
They are great.
They are not (aren't) great.
Are they great?

أعلى النموذج
1. She in the house.

2. The dog and the cat in the garden.

3. The woman behind a tree.

4. I Kevin.

5. Carol and I friends.

6. It black.

7. My name Bob.

8. They nice girls.

9. The children in the shop.

10. He a teacher.

11. We hungry.

12. Mrs Dixon funny and nice.

13. I twelve years old.

14. Jim and Cathy at school.

15. The elephants tired
أسفل النموذج
 Back to me ... to explain to the rest if there is something you want to explain it to you tell me more mohamed Farid
أعلى النموذج
1. Mr Cooper in the house.

2. The dog and the cat in the garden.

3. The woman behind a tree.

4. Peter a clever boy.

5. I Kevin.

6. Mr Baker and I friends.

7. It time for dinner.

8. My name Caroline.

9. My rabbit and my cat friends.

10. They very nice animals.

11. Dog food also good for cats.

12. The children in the garden.

13. He a teacher.

14. Mrs Dixon funny and nice.

15. I ten years old.
أسفل النموذج

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